Our team have an extensive experience of small business bookkeeping and is committed to ongoing support.

IDoAccounting offers a complete suite of small business bookkeeping solutions that cover everything from start up needs in order to be balanced and successful.

Why invest in bookkeeping?

  • Frees Up Valuable Time: Stop spending your time on bookkeeping, use those precious hours to generate sales and make more money.
  • Helps You Run Your Business Better: IDoAccounting prepare financial reports, teach you how to read and use that information to help you make smarter financial choices.
  • Helps you Find Profitability Pitfalls: IDoAccounting can tell you how to earn and keep more money in your pocket. Profit margins are important and we can help you figure those out.
  • Bookkeeping Isn't Easy: Contrary to the snazzy marketing campaigns of accounting software companies, bookkeeping is a skill the takes time and effort to learn.
  • Professional Bookkeeping Can Pay for Itself: How?
    - IDoAccounting help you stay ahead of the tax curve by partnering with your accountants.
    - Year after year we find clients money by spotting incorrect charges, double billing, ancient recurring fees that should have been stopped ages ago,and finance and banking charges that are too high.

Hiring a bookkeeper should be a very carefully thought out decision. You should aim to hire a bookkeeping service that has experience, a strong track record of client satisfaction and a high client retention rate. IDoAccounting boasts high levels of all three of these characteristics.

Bookkeeping for Sole Proprietor, Partnerships, Trusts and Incorporated businesses.

Year End Financials

We do your paperwork and provide you with month end / year end financials:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

We also do your:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Card reconciliation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Covenant Calculations
  • Business Planning and Restructuring
Accounts Receivable
  • Customer management
  • Managing Invoices
  • Tracking Aged Receivable
  • Collection of Overdue Accounts
  • Bad Debt Analysis
Payroll Managment
  • Background Check for Employees
  • Employee Database Management
  • Monthly Payroll Processing
  • Electronic Salary Stubs
  • Issuance of T4 and Annual T4 Return
  • Record of Employement
Accounts Payable
  • Vendor Management
  • Managing Bills from Recording to Payment
  • Reconciling Vendors
  • Aged Payable Reports
Government Filings
  • HST Returns
  • WSIB Returns
  • ON Employer Health Tax



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